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Working for over 3 decades taking the utmost care of our clients ceramic objects. 

About us

Meet our head Conservator/Restorer


Melody has studied with ceramic conservators from England, and the US as well as art historians from many locations. Melody's 30 plus years of experience have allowed her to obtain an extensive knowledge and advanced understanding of restoration, conservation and preservation techniques in the area of ceramics. She has spent countless hours perfecting various techniques such as mending, filling, color matching and airbrushing. She has studied in Virginia, East Field Village, New York City Ceramics Conference,Winterthur, Plymouth, Deerfield Village, along with curators and archeologists from around the world and with years of consulting with the world’s finest conservator’s in the business she has perfected her skills.

Melody's success in the field has earned her a huge base of satisfied clients.

We offer many services to meet your projects requirements


Mel's Belles Restorations has been working for many years in the area of conservation and restoration of antique to modern ceramic artifacts, precious family heirlooms and collections,such as figurines, dolls, jugs, platters, plates, mochaware, pearlware, redware,stoneware,statuary, chalk ware, and much more. We offer gravestone cleaning and repair. 

If you need any ceramic item,statue,plaster cast designs,gravestones,dolls, cleaned,stabilized, repaired, or a complete restoration,Mel's Belles can serve your needs in a professional and courteous manner. We look forward to your project! 

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Where to begin:


If available, please send pictures via email of your damaged item and we will send an estimate of repair. Using this option for an estimate should be considered an approximation. We will perform a detailed evaluation when an item is shipped and necessary repairs are determined. There is no cost for this service if you have the item restored.  When you decide to have the item repaired, you will be required to send a deposit for one half of the estimate.

Pictures will be taken on arrival of said piece and at periodic stages of the restoration process.

When the item is complete you will be required to send the balance due, which will include shipping, insurance and handling.


Below is a partial list of items we restore.For other items not listed please contact us.

Figurines,Statuary, Religious Sculptures,

Plates,Bowls, Cups.Platters,Redware, Yelloware,Mochaware,Stoneware,

Chalkware, Early dipped wares,Hard paste,Soft paste, Eathernware,all Imports,French,English,German, all Chinese Periods,Gravestones,etc.

Parts sculpted and replaced when necessary, mending, color matching, in-painting to blend with existing patina  


Gravestone Cleaning,Conservaton, and Restoration

We offer Gravestone cleaning and minor repairs. Gentle biological process. Please contact us for more detail, with job location and photos if possible. 


Dolls Dolls Dolls

Mel's Belles offers doll restoration services  Cleaning, new wigs, wig stabilization, and cleaning, restringing, minor to major,repairs,conservation techniques applied, blushing,re-painting, laundering of garments, 

Types of dolls we work on:

French, German. English, Artist Dolls, BJDs, American Girls,Paper Mache' ,bisque, porcelain, cloth,hard plastic,etc There is an extensive part inventory for our customers dolls. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions?

Will this process enhance the value?

The process will clean and stabilize your heirlloom. Removing environmental dirt alone will help with its longevity.

The value is always determined by the buyer. If they ask if your item has been repaired and you say yes, they will say,"Then it is not worth as much"

If your item needs repair, the buyer will say" it's not worth as much because

I will need to have it repaired.

How long does it take to have it repaired?

Most items will take six weeks.

Will I be able to use the ceramic item for food and  wash it? 

No, although the products used are non toxic, they are not fired on, therefore it is best to just use a gentle cloth for dusting the surface, although strong, it will not have the integrity of the original.

We look forward to restoring ceramic family heirlooms,using museum quality conservation techniques.

Do you have any other questions?

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